How to Play Monkey, Hebrew Style!
How do you play monkey? 🌴 Card game 🐒🐵 Competition to the top of the tree!
Happy residents of the South with board games at the Beit Kimchi Community Center in Tel Aviv

Sugar Dice’s 1K printing of the Hebrew Edition with Lijia:

Nathan’s Version of Monkey:

Just for fun:

Monkey made it into CTV News!

Board game enthusiasts revisit their roots playing games. Thank you Wayne Mantyka for coverage of our time at the Oct 1 Prairie Game eXpo in Regina organized by ComicReaders.

Monkeying around with Noriko 🙂


Playing Monkey with ESL students

I taught my new card game “Monkey” to a group of ESL students and we had a blast.

Monkey overview video by Bearded Meeple!

Cute. Light. But is still fun and a bit of a challenge as you attempt to get your monkey to the top of the tree.

Monkey the card game intro video

A family game full of laughs and surprises, Monkey is a wild and wacky card game for 1-4 players where the odds are stacked against you. In the game you and your fellow monkeys race to be the first to climb up one big Tree. But the crazy wizard Kurgill isn’t making it easy as he keeps casting spells haphazardly in your direction. You have to climb as quickly as you can, battle to knock each other down, dodge the traps, and above all, beware of the Gnome. It’s a race to the top!

Monkey Tournament Showdown, Nov. 2016

Congratulations to Glenn who, though getting thrashed by Kurgill in the Final Showdown, gained the top player award: The Gnome miniature! And Kurgill goes down in history as the winner of the first ever Monkey tournament (Nov 2106).

Monkey free game draw (Oct 15, 2016)!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Monkey on Radio: Fox FM interview

Thank you to Will & Reader from Fox FM Yorkton for the morning interview!