There is only one way to truly beat the Krazy Wizard Kurgill and be the Ultimate Monkey — you have to ascend the ranks and challenge him face to face in a Monkey Tournament! Here’s your chance to get your name on The Gnome Trophy!

Tournament History

Tournament 1

November 5th, 2016 – Regina, SK – Kurgill wins!

  • Kurgill & 6 participants: Michael Friesen, Tim Friesen, Rob Gosselin, Lyndon Luu, Ryan Munchinsky, and Glenn Sawatzky
  • Tournament Sheet (blank): LINK (but we ended up doing a round robin); PICTURES
  • The Gnome Award went to the top player: Glenn Sawatzky
  • Final Showdown – Insane Mode Format – Glenn vs. Kurgill.
  • Kurgill wins!

Tournament 2

Monkey Widelands Tournament – Roll20 Online (May-June 2019) – Michael Friesen wins!

  • Kurgill & 6 participants: Michael Friesen, Tim Friesen, Rob Gosselin, David Hepting, Ryan Munchinsky, and Glenn Sawatzky
  • Tournament Sheets: Side A and Side B
  • Side A games: After a crazy 1.5-hour game between Glenn and David in Side A in which neither could best the other, it was decided that both Glenn and David had been eliminated by Kurgill. So Kurgill entered Side A and Michael competed against him in insane mode and bested him to be the A-Side finalist. Michael’s game with Kurgill was absolutely crazy as we see in his write-up HERE.
  • Side B games: Tim was eliminated early on (alas!) but won the free game draw for Gyrating Hamsters, hooray! Rob & Ryan’s final two games of Side A lasted two hours with the first match being Rob’s wildest game of all time. Never before had Kurgill (perchance?) been so absolutely ruthless to two players. Every terrible occurrence was uniquely terrible. HERE is Ryan’s write-up of the match. So in the end Rob graduated to be the B-Side finalist.
  • Semi-Final – Rob vs Michael (writeup HERE); Result: Michael wins
  • Final Showdown (Insane Mode Format) Michael vs. Kurgill,
    • Result: Michael wins (writeup HERE)

Dear friends,

What a fabulous game Michael, thank you for the super writeup and a HUGE congratulations on the win against Kurgill! With that Michael gets a Limited Edition copy of Monkey and his name on the Monkey Trophy!

The pictures show some of the enthusiastic beauty that transpired as Ryan, Michael, and I (and Jolayne!) were able to see the Michael pull a win after several attempts by both he and Kurgill. And do note the point at which both Michael and Kurgill are flashing their backsides haha.

Love you guys, thanks for a great end to a super tournament.