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Table Top Games UK

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“This game has been a hit for our family.  It keeps everyone involved, even when it is not your turn as you need to pay attention to the spell cards and the tree cards that you haven’t seen yet.  As the spell deck gets smaller and smaller and the Gnome hasn’t been seen yet, it really kicks up the anticipation when the next card is turned over.”

The Dice Have It

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Monkey is a game that requires players to pay attention and play smart, but only to a point. There is an advantage to be had by letting the opposition go ahead of you to uncover traps and challenges. The trick is to make sure they never get too far ahead and remember everything you see… Good use of memorization and invites users to take risks with or without prior knowledge of the mess they could be getting into. I think the best way to summarize Monkey is that it empowers the player without over or underwhelming them with a feeling of weighty decision making.

Father Geek

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“Monkey instantly won a special place in my heart and on my shelf. Whenever I see its colourful packaging, the gnome in the corner mocking defiantly, I want to take it out and have another go at climbing the tree, dodging the curses and winning the monkey battles. Will I beat Kurgill the wizard this time? I find myself wondering…”


“I played Monkey with my 5-year-old son this afternoon, and he thought it was great and hilariously fun. We both laughed and laughed at all the high jinks. He delighted especially in trapping me every chance he got. He got hit with two gnomes, but took it in stride. In fact, he ended up winning – I got stopped twice by the wizard trap on the tree-top challenge. He thought that was pretty hilarious, too. He’s already asking when we’ll be able to play it again!”


This game is full of surprises. I love that you can teach it in less than 5 minutes and that anyone can play and potentially win. The gnome just brings the most hilarious expressions of defeat when it is received, probably my favourite part of the game. A lot is up to chance, which maybe reflects life a bit ;), but there’s also some cool subtle strategy to the game. There is a ton of replay value and the variations of how to play add even more. One thing I would add: the box says 1-4 players but you can easily play with up to 8 if you use Kurgill and the bird cards as character cards.


Fantastic game! Great balance of both strategy and luck, great with a group of 4, a blast to go 1 on 1, and even playing solitaire against crazy Kurgill proves quite fun! Added game modes included in the rules make this game replayable and fresh each time you play. May the best Monkey win!


You don’t know how much fun that game is!! I am going to have to get a new copy in the near future as mine is getting worn!!! Definitely going to sleeve my next copy!! …  It is advertised as a “family game” but my friends and I (in our 30’s and 40’s) have had hours of fun with this game!! Incorporating the wizard traps make it more cut throat and so much fun!!!

Kristy Smith

If you’re looking for a new game, this one is pretty great! It’s versatile for number of players (you can even play it solitaire) and has a great balance between players having control and the chaos of the universe. I think it would be great for families with young kids who are learning numbers, potentially. I also have a preference for games with a “screw-your-opponent” factor and this one does!

Twyla Lapointe

“My sons absolutely loved the game.  They didn’t mind the randomness at all and, in fact, loved the chaos that ensued… My sons would gladly play this several times in a row.”

GJJ Games

I played monkey just the other day and let me tell you it was a blast! It is such a fun time. It’s really easy to pick up and start playing not much of a learning curve at all. You can get the hang of it in a turn or two. Also there is no being bad at the game or good at the game. I haven’t had fun with a card game like that in a long time. The way the game plays against you and you play against it is a great mechanic. It doesn’t feel unfair or too easy, it’s a great mix of both. The addition of the wizard adds a ton more playability. I recommend this game to hardcore gamers as well as casual. It’s a fun and new experience every time. Great for all ages!

Jacob Reetz

A quick game to pick up and play with friends. The competitiveness of players can extend the game length by getting caught up trapping each other, or players can simply race as fast as possible to the treetop. Monkey fights add a simple psychological factor, and everyone dreads the Gnome! And if you find the game too easy, you can try “insane mode” or challenge Kurgill the wizard with his nasty birds – or both simultaneously! Recommended for monkeys of all ages.


 “Monkey is a good game because it is engaging for all ages and it doesn’t matter your skill level or knowledge of the game. It’s easy to pick up and easy to advance as your skill level increases.”


“Our family LOVES this game!”

Melisa Vye Talbot

“It’s best as a party game, super exciting and really easy to understand. There are tons of variant ways to play so you could get hours and hours of fun out of it and it’s different every time. Check it out here, it’s honestly a lot of fun.”

Zumb Oggo

Monkey is a well-designed game and its nice illustrations make it colorful and inviting. The game will take you on an adventure with a wizard, spells, traps and most importantly the cute and playful monkeys who will compete to be the first to reach the treetop.

The game is very enjoyable and challenging! Although it is a turn-based game, each turn brings about different things that can affect everyone so it keeps everyone engaged. Monkey contains elements of memory, strategy, and simple math adding up to twenty. But one thing that you get in this game which you don’t often get in other card games is the element of timing and the chance to plan out your moves.

During the game, as in life, the monkeys collect experience that will help them overcome their challenges. Some of these they will be familiar with, or they will have seen other monkeys experience, whereas other challenges will be completely new. Each monkey must decide if his level of skill and knowledge is enough to brave forward in hopes to reach his destination and stay ahead of the other monkeys.

Sugar Dice

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