Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is there any limit to the number of cards in your hand? No, but if the Tree Deck ever runs out of cards then all players with more than 5 cards in hand have to discard cards until they have only 5 remaining. Players who suffer such a penalty surely must have been “monkeying around”  :).

2. (Krazy Kurgz variation) If Kurgill beats the TREE card with his first revealed climbing card, do you still reveal the second card? Yes. You always flip over 2 cards for his attempt (3 if a twenty) regardless of whether or not he beats it already with the first card(s).

3. (Solitaire mode/Krazy Kurgz variation) What do you do when you draw dynamite in solitaire mode? You lose the card you drew at the start of your turn.

4. (Super-Tree variation) Which Trunk does a player fall to if they lose a Monkey fight when they are at the Treetop position? They fall to their original Trunk.

5. Wizard Traps: When you have to draw Wizard Traps, do you always reveal the top 2 cards of the TREE DECK, even if the first one “traps” you? Officially, no — you can stop at the first Wizard Trap if it has already trapped you (ie. you don’t have to reveal the second Wizard Trap…)