Beating Insane Mode

I officially beat Kurgill in Insane Mode (solitaire), after 5 attempts. Talk about neck and neck almost every game! On attempt 4, lasting about 30 minutes, it was absolutely epic. I got trapped at a Tree of 20 twice, losing many good cards, but still managed to get to position 5 while Kurgill was stuck there, facing the solidly difficult TreeTop Challenge of 8, 8, 15. Alas, I took the risk of stalling a turn there when I could have axed the 15 and attempted a win. That next turn, however, Kurgill bested me. What an epic win I might have had had I braved the TreeTop Challenge before he did, risking it all. While not as epic, I did manage to beat him on the 5th game. This mode is truly INSANE!


Final update: Another epic game tonight, but this time I was the victor! I was anviled once, gnomed twice (actually the second time was right after shuffling from the first time!), and dynamited twice. Fortunately no bird attacks this game. Nonetheless, these sidebacks left me at position 2, with additional traps at 2 and 3, and get this: Kurgill was already at position 5 ! The TreeTop lineup was green 7, black 4, and wild 20. That 20 held him back a couple times and I successfully trapped him the one time that he had been successful (phew!). I raced to position 5 over two turns with no major setbacks. When it was my fateful chance to essay the Treetop Challenge, I had a green 15, two wild 20s and a yellow 1. Fortunately, I drew an axe! Here was my chance: I axed the green 7, getting a yellow 9 as its replacement. Perfect! I played, green 15, wild 20, then combined my last wild 20 and yellow 1 to beat the lineup. Then I drew Kurgill’s traps. Green 9. Blue 3. I got him!!

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